Exclusive Footage from The Legendary Shots October 27, 2014

The Bryan Bros teamed up with The Legendary Shots for an epic compilation of trick shots that spans a number of different sports! Watch them combine baseball, basketball, and football with their trademark golf trick shots for an unbelievable video. Want to know what the best part is? This video is just the exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage for the full upcoming video on The Legendary Shots YouTube channel! And of course, we’d like to give a BIG shout out to Golfweek’s…

Bryan Bros Three Hole Challenge | Hole #2 October 15, 2014

Join the Bryan Bros on this mini round of majorly ridiculous golf. Last week was the left-handed challenge where right-handed George & Wesley play a hole left-handed. Wesley won by a shot and now takes on George blindfolded to see if he can put this challenge away on the second hole. Who will stumble? Who will ramble on? Watch and find out!

Bryan Bros Three Hole Challenge | Hole #1 October 8, 2014

Watch the Bryan Bros challenge each other in this mini round of majorly ridiculous golf. First up… left handed golfing. No, neither of them is left-handed but that doesn’t stop them from competing to see who’s better. Watch the video to find out and join us again next week as they think up of another ridiculous challenge for the next hole!

Bryan Bros Ryder Cup Reflections October 6, 2014

Join the Bryan Bros as they share their reflections on the Ryder Cup. From fashion and equipment to the USA’s performance and recent record at the Cup, the Bryan Bros have plenty to share and discuss!

Official GoPro Golf Trick Shots Video September 4, 2014

The Bryan Bros were asked to be featured in the GoPro golf trick shots edition. The result? Over 1,000,000 views in less than a month. Possibly because they juggle a golf ball between three people? Possibly because they chip it into a moving golf cart and then pass it to someone else who drives down the fairway? Watch and see!

Bryan Bros GoPro Featured Video Trailer July 30, 2014

The Bryan Bros were invited by GoPro to be featured on an upcoming special golf video, and of course George & Wesley jumped at the opportunity. Check out this trailer for a sneak peek of what is to come in the upcoming Official GoPro Golf Video!

British Open Trick Shots Tribute July 16, 2014

Watch Bryan Bros Golf pay tribute the greatest golfers to ever play the game such as Tom Morris, Walter Hagen, and Harry Vardon through their unique British Open Golf trick shots edition complete with amazing outfits and attitude to match. Discuss & comment on YouTube!

Golf & Soccer Trick Shots | World Cup Edition #2 July 1, 2014

If you think the last video of golf and soccer trick shots featuring USC’s own top defender Danny Cates was pretty awesome, then you definitely don’t want to miss this one. This time, the guys head out to the golf course where George practices chipping to Danny who juggles it to George who drives it down the fairway. Yeah… you read that right. Now stop reading and watch the video!

Golf & Soccer Trick Shots | World Cup Edition June 18, 2014

The Bryan Bros catch World Cup Fever in this amazing new video with both golf and soccer trick shots featuring USC’s own top defender Danny Cates. You think hitting a soccer ball into the upper 90 is challenging enough? Try it with a golf club! The Bryan Bros do and you won’t believe what happens!

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