Family Edition Trick Shots by the Bryan Bros

Since it’s the holidays and time for family to spend time together, we decided to invite ours to join us for a new trick shot video! Watch Mary Chandler, Mom, and Dad Bryan get into the action with us at the fabulous Wild Dunes Island Resort in Charleston SC.

As with any family reunion, there’s a little one-upping going on… Want to find out who can do the best back flip in the Bryan family? And whether or not being Wesley’s set up man was the most stressful golf event for dad? Gotta watch to find out!

Oh… and happy thanksgiving!

Video Information

Location Wild Dunes Island Resort in Charleston SC
Date 11/24/2014
Tags Collaboration, Original & Unique
View & Comment on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM62iEf_p6A

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