Golf Digest Epic Trick Shots #2 | Golf & Baseball

We switch the golf course for a baseball diamond (and our fashionable golfing duds for some classic baseball gear) in the second exciting new trick shot video put on by Golf Digest Magazine featuring sports personality Ben Lyons. Watch George make a game saving, home-run-denying catch over the fence, Wesley hit golf balls coming at him from a pitching machine, and both of us tackle some guy in football gear because we’re multi-sport athletes like that. In short, it’s another great video by the Golf Digest and am awesome chance for us to fulfill some dream trick shot scenarios!

Subscribe to the Golf Digest YouTube Channel to catch a new video every Thursday. There’s a lot more in the works and you will want to see what we’ve dreamed up!

Video Information

Location Golf Digest Series
Date 10/30/2014
Tags Collaboration, Golf Digest Series
View & Comment on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlFLw0fSy_I

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