Golf Digest Epic Trick Shots #6 | Bryan Bros Break the Field Goal World Record

Matt Prater set the world record for longest field goal on December 6th 2013 with a 64 yard drive… so the Bryan Bros decide to try for a 65 yard field goal using a golf club!

They also go for a touchdown pass to a wide receiver in the end zone and a couple other trick shots as well. We got cheerleaders, football players, mascots and more in one of our craziest trick shot videos yet. Check it out and subscribe to Golf Digest on YouTube to get our latest videos sent directly to you.

Video Information

Location Alemany High School in Mission Hills CA
Date 11/27/2014
Tags Golf Digest Series
View & Comment on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXYmUT8oeGU

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