Golf Digest Epic Trick Shots #4 | #funneledition

For the #funneledition #awesome #rockthefreakon fourth installment of the Golf Digest Epic Trick Shots series, we decide to mix it up a little bit with a funnel that’s over 12 feet off the ground. We bring in a trampoline for some shots, do a hand off through the funnel, and other cool trick shots that have never been done before!

We hope you enjoy these, comment on YouTube, and as always… let us know if you have any trick shot ideas! Stay tuned as we’ll have another Epic Trick Shots video coming out on the Golf Digest YouTube Channel next week!

Video Information

Location Golf Digest Series
Date 11/14/2014
Tags Golf Digest Series
View & Comment on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixPcTA1DI6o

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