TaylorMade Golf Trick Shots w/ Danny Cates

We set out to give the new TaylorMade RSI1 Irons a thorough workout with a range of trick shots including technical varieties of slicing and hooking the ball around trees at our good friend Danny Cates. We gave him a baseball glove for the first round of trick shots when we shoved him out in the lake in a canoe and were hitting balls 150 yards at him, but this time all he had was some cardboard, putters, and duct tape. I’m sure the University of South Carolina soccer coach will be nervous to know this, but don’t worry… he’ll be just fine by the time next season comes around!

Big thanks to The Members Club at Woodcreek in Columbia SC for putting us up and up with us, and check out our full TaylorMade RSI 1 Irons review!

Video Information

Location The Members Club at Woodcreek in Columbia SC
Date 11/11/2014
Tags Original & Unique
View & Comment on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRVtnYhoFyk

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